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Originally Posted by bmwblack82 View Post
Well my fuel pump is fine lol I don't need one. Changed the fuel tank straps though!
1. What are fuel tank straps ?

2. The e34 has a total of 3 common no start or no-crank issues (FP, FP relay, CPS) and 4 uncommon no-start or no-crank (starter, dme, EWS system, fusible link).

The former situations collectively account for 90% of the posts that we see, and the later collectively account for the remaining 10%. This can be verified by trawling through the archives.

Pretty much all these problems occur due to the E34's age and consequent mileage. This is why the components concerned are usually classified under repairs and not maintenance (short/mid/long term).

By needing to change the starter, you have beaten the wrong kind of odds Having beaten those odds, what are the chances that you're going to evade the common problems ?

Of the 3 common problems, only the fuel pump has any chance of giving you any realistic forewarning of failure at all. There's usually a buzzing sound that you can hear from the rear, during startups, idling, and sometimes during driving, from inside the cabin and sometimes while standing outside, and also with the boot open. Unfortunately, this warning seems to be present in only 1/4th of FP failures (as best as I can tell from the threads here, and I am adjusting upwards for people not recognising any sounds they may have heard as the fp). The FP generally just dies.

The three common no start/no crank issues can and usually do happen anytime, anywhere, without warning. It will cost you way more in towing charges, cab or rental charges, favours called in, extreme inconvenience, and costs at the workshop to run the gauntlet and see if you make it, than it would to get them all sorted out at one go, at a time and place of your convenience.

The cost of parts, especially after what you've pointed out, has gone down dramatically from a year back. I used to think that an OEM FP would cost around $200, now its 50% less :

Even if you need to get someone else to do this, OEM parts and indy labour should not exceed $400 total ($250 for parts shipped). Everything here would be marked up substantially if you need to do it in an emergency situation.

You gotta pay if you wanna play, but if you play the probability game, you will pay much more when you lose, and not just in terms of money.


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