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Stage 3 installed with exhaust

I have a '12 7 series with Dinan stage 2, which had to be reinstalled after dealer erased during software upgrade recently. After the reinstall, I noticed a definite throttle lag, almost a two-step process during light acceleration that wasn't there before. Dinan said that this was due to the vehicle adapting after the complete software reinstall. I never noticed that the first time around however. Now that I installed the stage 3 with exhaust, there is no lag on the 7 whatsoever so I'm not sure that I'm buying the compatibility of stage 2 with the new BMW software. Unfortunately, I couldn't dyno the 7 as it's a long wheelbase X-Drive, and would not fit on their four-wheel-drive dyno. The car drives even better with stage 3 and the exhaust note is nice but not over bearing!

On a side note, and since nobody has posted actual dyno numbers yet... I also just had Stage 3 installed on my '12 650iC. Had car dyno'd before and after and assuming same engine in both here are the results;

Stock: 328 WHP on dyno, 18% loss to wheels equates to 400 hp stock at the flywheel
Stage 3: 457 WHP on dyno. Calculates to 539 hp at flywheel, with Dinan exhaust

I will post the pull sheets w torque once I get them next week.

I can tell you the results are very impressive on the lighter 650i and traction control kicks in between all gear shifts at WOT to stop wheel spin.
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