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shifting issues

ok so im sure a couple of you have seen my post about my car issue but im stuck between 2 diff thoughts as to whats wrong. here's what happened. i was driving down the interstate when i started going up a slight incline when it felt like my clutch slipped and the rpms reved up as if i were in neutral i realeased the gas and attempted to downshift but it was the same thing in each gear eventually i reached the top. i was at 20 mph and down shifted to second and it caught i worked my way back to 5th and then hit another incline where it did the same thing. eventually i made my way back to town where i came to a stop light and could smell the clutch cooking. i then took off in first shifted to second but when it was time to go to third the motor just continued to rev up with no acceleration. so i pulled over checked my fluids everything was fine. i was sure it was the clutch but then today my friend who was helping explained that the lack of pressure was due to something else so i started my research once again and found that me being able to shift between gears and not hold the clutch in could be due to my slave cylinder being bad so we inspected it and there were no leaks and we then attempted to bleed the system but the fluid just flowed out not spew like it has for any other clutch system ive bled. now i dont know if its normal or not this is my first bmw attempting to diagnose. so i ordered a new slave cylinder and it will be in tomorrow. the thing is i just went out to tighten up the shifter in my fiances 2000 bmw and while tightening it up her shifter shifted into any gear just like mine so i feel like my friend may have been wrong of his diagnosis. although mine shifts the same way with the car running and there is pressure on the clutch it doesnt feel like much cause im used to a tighter clutch set up but i pushed on my buddies and realized his was just as soft so i may have been wrong in thinking there was no tension. but im inexperienced in this aspect and he is too when it comes to a bmw so any insight would be helpful in locating the source before i pay for anymore parts i do not indeed need.

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