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Originally Posted by SWISS View Post
Why are you doing this again....
I have no radio. For the last 6 years or so, I've gone through a series of stock radios that I find at boneyards. Most are already old and something goes funky soon enough - frequently the lights on the buttons that come on with the headlights go dark. Makes it much harder (and less safe) to use at night. I'd noticed the quality of the sound going down now and then, what I didn't get was that one more speaker was going south at that time. The last one finally went, I think, not completely sure. This was a couple months ago, I'm desirous to get it fixed.

When it first went out, I thought it was the radio so I found the best looking used radio I've found yet and put it in, but no, apparently that wasn't the problem. I get a milli-volt reading from the wires going into one of the front speakers, seems to go up with increased volume, couldn't find any alligator clips so it was hard to know for sure.

Replaced that speaker with a good looking boneyard speaker but still no performance.

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