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Originally Posted by brando090 View Post
In the range for $5k, but spending less helps the wallet. I plan on driving at least 100 miles a a week, and i plan on having at least 3-6 road-trips post 1000+ miles. Im not looking to throw $5k into new parts, that's why im wanting one that has been properly maintained, so i can continue that (think 50/50 maintenance (repairs, and regular maintenance) compared to 80/20 (80% new parts and 20% maintenance)). I also like high quality items, so when i have nice things, id like more nice things (ie. nice car).

I know some members might not agree with my suggestion but I think id put it out there.

There are some dealers like myself whom sell HAIL Damage "Rebuilt title" vehicles, sure the rebuilt title kills resale but you can typically get cars with that type of history 40% of kbb.
Rebuilt title are those given to vehicles that are total loss, for accidental vehicles I wouldnt suggest touching a rebuilt, but hail is strictly bodywork.
Find a dealer in your area that can sell you on at a good price, I dont know numbers for VW but for example
2007 Audi A3 sline loaded rebuilt title - KBB was 16 sold for 10K
2007 Honda Accord Coupe rebuilt title kbb 14 sold for 8K
Both these vehicles had pervious hail damage, they were repaired and sold within a week.

You can insure rebuilt titles with geico.
Good Luck!
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