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Hi Carl,

YES, I have driven the car with and without the dynamic handling and therefore - I forgot to mention - I have ordered mine WITH that (in Europe the option is marketed as "Adaptive Drive") AND the Integrated-Active-Steering. And yes again, the Adaptive Drive does the body-roll-stabilization perfectly well (dont mix this feature up with "DDC" - Dynamic Damper Control, which does it NOT).
Which is definitely everything I wanted to have.

That said it is necessary to mention that at least for the 2013 models
- Integrated Active Steering is NOT AVAILABLE with the x-drive (which I fortunately don't need nor want).
- Adaptive Drive is NOT AVAILABLE with the Sports-Suspension (which in my opinion is in a Super-Comfort-Car like the GT about as necessary as a third nostril...)

And yes again, the "Sports Package" is mostly optics.
On the configurator it comes with different front spoiler, diffusor, other std wheels, other std color, sports-seats and sports suspension.
But when looking into the second hand market here in Europe you find out that most of those cars with the "sports package" are out there with comfort seats and only a very very few with the sports supension.

Which is perfectly to reason because when buying a GT it is primarily for the comfort you get with this type of vehicle.

If you are a follower of the "lower, harder, faster" fraction and nurse a huge collection of speeding tickets you most probably will go for an M5 which is better suited to the task and where the word "sports" has a meaning as well.....

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