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Thumbs down Transformers in cars

I put a 13.6v power supply in my Land Cruiser, so I can charge the battery as well as run the fridge should I stop at a camping site on my travels.
Then I put in a 150 W inverter, so I can charge the camera batteries, cellphone etc. in the bush.
Both are swiching and not Transformer converters and I still have "noise" in the system
This noise does interfere with crank trigger signals etc.
If you have a old type Oscilloscope float the probe near your wires and

If you want the Disco set-up at parties, I would make sure that all automotive electroncs WILL be switched off !
Simply put, you have so manny coils working of induction in your vehicle (Ignition,Injectors, triggers etc.) you do not want to wreck their output or input signals
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