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Originally Posted by ard View Post
Given you spent $1500 on that tire plan, I'll vote 'too much' For $140 you can buy road hazard insurnace, and just buy replacement tires with roadhazard plans for the next two sets of tires- $420 total. You didnt fall for the "Its a BMW, you cannot patch those runflats" did you?

Tell you what- what was the MSRP of your car? Multiply that by 52%... that would be the target. Dealers usually pay a few k less than that to get it off lease, spend $2000 for the CPO and the rest is profit.

Dealers make more on used cars than new, based on feedback from salesmen...
Very helpful. Thank you! Msrp was $57k and change so 52% would be under $30k.
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