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Originally Posted by BimmerBoii View Post
Oh ok i didn't know that, so now i know i got the M-Sport package. Do you know if with this package if it has Electronic adjustable suspension? Idk i called the dealer and they said they would have to check for themselves...
Get to know Q-Silver as he is a virtual who's who when it comes to these cars and when you are well-enough off to afford an X-5, he will STILL be "the man". If he answers a post, you can "take it to the bank" and we all mean that. If he is typing, he is NOT lying! I guess if he doesn't know something, he will stay quiet, but I suspect he would never get anything done if he were to correct all the bunk posts he runs across! He is the forum's version of the "welcome package" like what people uased to give new neighbors... Enjoy his responses as you may not see another one again for a while.

How wide is your door Q? Just wanna make sure your head will still fit or take day off. Great guy who takes a lot of personal time to give answers as thorough as you just got. He must rival Blue Bee for organizational skills for all his BMW knowledge. Congrats on the new X5 Q-man. The Kia Sportage I bought the wife few mos ago(cause we could not swing an X-5) will need a complete detail MINIMUM to take away the tears...


OP- don't sweat calling your ride a 530/M5. No worries. Just trying to avoid any flames later. You focused on that and missed a hearty "welcome" and none of us fell from the womb knowing squat- except Q-man who was born a full-grown, role model for all adults to aspire to. Welcome again and no question is dumb, except the one not asked AND the one where no search has been attempted on youir own. We only really get tweaked when a subject has been covered as nauseum and just needs a simple search. Besides, you retain what you research yourself! Search function (top right) IS your friend. write-in often~ When you get to 25 posts, you can host pix and we all wanna see your ride!
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