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Guide to replace Crankcase vent valve?

Hi Fest-ers!

I have scoured the Internets for a few hours now seeking out how to replace the crankcase valve vent. I have found a couple things for other BMW models, but not the X3. Any pointers?


My SES light illuminated on Saturday with no symptoms. While leaving the store on Sunday, my car shot out some white smoke from the tail pipe and idled roughly. The ODB codes were the System Too Lean errors, and the guy at the local tire shop thought it was just O2 sensors. Of course, when I started doing my research I found this:

I live in Baltimore, so it isn't like Alberta, Canada cold. The symptoms match, and I had an oil stand leak that the mechanic fixed about seven months ago. My oil light comes on way more frequently than my husband's (he owns the same exact year/model, and we drive about the same distance), so maybe this has been an ongoing problem?

Anyway, any recs you X3ers can offer I'd appreciate. It doesn't seem (ha!) like it's that hard to replace.

Thanks in advance!


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