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Originally Posted by BigDeep1 View Post
Awesome update BigHungry. You are making my itch worse!

Did you ever change the boost on your Stage 1 tune? I will wait for your next update after you had some time for the tune and vehicle to marry and mingle. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on power delivery, how smooth it is, and if the turbo pull is more noticeable.

Thanks for the update.
No, I never changed the boost, I didnt have the cable when the S1 arrived, but ordered it with the S2.
I can tell you thus far that for what I can feel in the difference between stock-S1-S2, negates any potential for feeling bad about the money.
Bang for buck itís pretty sweet, simple to install, 45 minutes if you have the right tools.
There have been no warning lights, error codes or change in vehicle status to this point.

Driving impressions:

Power in lower gears is more evident but shifts are still a bit jerky 1-2.
The car holds gears longer even in comfort/normal mode.
Where the power band was before with S1 or stock is where you will feel the brunt of the increase.
Right from 2k to 6k rpm, the thing just hauls ass. Literally it holds you back in the seat for WOT stomps
The turbo spools faster and you can for sure hear more turbo whine, as well as hear the intake (stock) sucking in air. (at slower speeds) Thatís pretty awesome.

Itís very nearly how the car should feel power-wise (still could use more...always more) and its more BMWish.
I can honestly say that the car has tons more torque and you can feel it. As for hp to the wheels; itís less evident than the torque but it is quicker to get up and go for sure and normal mode isnít bad to drive in anymore.
It has faster throttle response, revs higher and quicker between shifts in any mode and is more fun to drive.

The transmission is still a tiny bit wishy-washy especially during aggressive cornering and braking, it still seems to fish for gears.
After the service visit I was expecting improvement there but it is still noticeable with the added power and torque.
Wheel slippage is easy off the line now even without DSC turned off.

Ate a Mustang GT 0-85 saturday morning. No big Deal...but fun (save your street racing is bad comments...I know this already...One time thing).

Bang for buck it gets a thumbs up from me.

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