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Originally Posted by jjsC6 View Post
A couple of comments. One is that the way the dealer/factory ECU updates work is that they read the VIN number of your car and the ECU (using "ECU" as a general term btw) is updated to the specs of you particular car - including any optional equipment it may have, and sets to the proper values for the way your car left the factory plus updates. That's why it kills anything has been coded differently than the factory settings.

Second, it's easy for some folks to say "just have your car coded..." or "have whoever coded your car...." etc do this or that. Don't forget that for most of us we have had someone we didn't even know from the forum take time off there weekend to drive across town to meet up with us and do it as a favor. I don't know of anyone in Houston that does it as a business that I can just call up and schedule and appointment. And I'm only fair at downloading software to my $500 computer. I damn sure don't want to risk downloading myself to a $75,000 car.
Don't worry.

Your car isn't worth $75,000 anymore.

Anyway, that is why I keep everything stock, and always have. I just don't mess with this stuff, then possibly have things go wrong. Why risk it just to know my tire pressure number. I can get my a$$ out of the car and put a gauge on it.

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