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So the bottom line is:

If you E06 with steptronic transmission experiences the following symptoms: when car is warmed up, there is a slight RPM 'flutter hiccup' around 37 MPH & 1,700 RPMs, which does not seem to occur at other speeds or RPMs, and sometimes also has a slight delay after shifting in Reverse.

Then the cause is most likely transmission ZF mechatronics solenoids which can be replaced and then needs a computer update BEFORE driving ANY distance.

So, don't waste time and money with other potential suggested causes such as: bad gas; MAF sensor; 02 sensors; fly by wire; fuel filter; CCV; Carbon buildup; tourque converter; spark plugs; VANOS, computer software updates; re-train the "learned" transmission with the 30 second pedal to floor reset; transmission control module, etc...

If above were the cause, then issue would likely occur across many speeds / RPM's. This mechatroinc solenoid issue is specific to this RPM and speed range.

Ignoring this may lead to transmission fluid leak and failure.

How many BMW's (E06 and other) are impacted by this?

The cost to fix is ~$4,000?

How do we get BWMNA to issue a recall?

We had Beemers since 1990 and this is not a plus when we consider our next upgrate within a year.
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