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I completely disagree with most of the post above. This was my car. BMW NA and the dealer, have obviously answered my calls and emails. However, they have done nothing to figure out what happened - other than offering me a net $250 owners loyalty credit towards another BMW. I told them that it seemed to me what was more important was ensuring the safety of the general public - determine if this was a one-off or systemic. If BMW won't even stand behind their brand and product to at least figure out what type of problem happened here - I don't know what to tell you - especially after promising to do so.

The car was serviced at Center BMW in Sherman Oaks, CA from October 25th - November 2nd for an engine malfunction. Center BMW and BMW NA decided to replace all eight (8) fuel injectors as well as other fixes. I picked the car up on the evening of November 2nd and barely drove the car. The next day, November 3rd, was when the fire occurred. And it happened just like I said. Both my kids were in the car - we had only 15 seconds to get out prior to the passenger compartment becoming engulfed in flames. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen.

And the passenger's door would not open and I had to drag my daughter out my side of the car. My 9 year old son, who was sitting behind me, got out very quickly. I burned my hand as I got out of the car as the flames were already sweeping past the driver's door.

Not sure how anyone could come to any conclusion other than the direct correlation between the week-long service and the car catching on fire and exploding. And I don't see how anyone who owns a BMW would be satisfied with your theory of BMW just ignoring the problem and hoping it will just go away - as being remotely acceptable.

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