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Fun with AZ emissions

A Craigslist crook suckered me for 1400 for this '93 325is a few weeks ago. I sure hope he made a profit! As for me, well... Not so much.
Lessee, I had to pass emissions to get the title and plates but I couldn't go to emissions because the car had already gone through it's allotted 3 trip permits this year. So I took my chances and no, it didn't pass.
So I replaced the cat, muffler, o2, put in iridium plugs, cleaned the maf, the icv, fixed a couple hoses.. Went back to emissions, it did worse than before.
Out of options, I decided to just get a waiver, since I'd already spent more than the minimum 450 trying to fix it. Today I was able to sweet talk the DMV lady into a 3 day trip permit. At the waiver testing, it was more than twice the allowed limit, so no waiver. No wavier, no title, no plates, no freaking idea.

The car pulls code 1222 - Air/fuel mix.. Most likely a vacuum hose. It runs like it's missing on one cylinder. It smell like gas. At one point I took all the plugs out and cranked the engine (when I was testing the coils and plugs) then when it was all back together It started up and ran like a champ. I drove it to emissions, 10 miles away, and about a mile away from the place it started it's crap again.

So I just took it to a mechanic and told him to figure it out.
I'm screwed. Thanks, Craigslist!
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