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Talking Kudos to Greg Poland @ Pacific BMW

Hi Everybody,

I just want to share my most recent BMW leasing experience that I had with Greg Poland of Pacific BMW. As many of you may have noticed in my signature, I've purchased/leased quite a few BMWs and have had many experiences with different dealers and client advisors throughout the years. This most recent one being my 11th BMW automobile - a 2013 F30 328i, which replaced the 2010 E90 328i that we've been driving for the past 2.5 years. This is my 4th BMW from Pacific BMW, but my first with Greg. I generally try to stay loyal to the client advisors that I've developed relationships in the past, but I decided to try a few new CAs to work with. Greg's willingness to help is what won me over.

As I become accustomed with every car purchase, I contacted a few different dealerships to get a feel for what they could do for me. Greg's "straight shooter" attitude is what every CA should be like. He located a few cars that had the options that I was interested in. We settled on one and the discussion started.

Everything was done via email. I did not personally talk to Greg, even once, before stepping into the dealership. Before I stepped into the dealership EVERYTHING was agreed upon and Greg was true to his word. The car wasn't even supposed to arrive at the VDC, but it arrived early. I was in the Glendale area last Friday and stopped by to say "Hi" to Greg as I've never met him before. To my surprise, he confirmed that the car had actually arrived and asked if I wanted to pick up the car today. I had a meeting to go to but said that I could stop by after dinner. The car was ready and waiting. I only dealt with Greg. No Finance & Insurance guy to try to up-sell me on a extended warranty or wheel/tire protection plan (this is one of my pet peeves). It literally took less than 5 minutes to go over the docs and get me into the new car. Smooth and efficient!

In this day & age where people interact less and less face to face, people don't put in the "extra effort" anymore and a car purchase is no different. You don't get that with Greg. I believe good work needs to be recognized and that's why I'm writing this on Bimmerfest. I've been known to be a "ball buster" on car deals (I'm sure Greg will be one of the first people attest to this statement ). I don't hide that fact. I lease 2 cars every 3 years or so and Greg will be at the top of my list of people to contact whenever I need a new one. If you are in the market for a BMW, I suggest you give Greg a call. He's among the best there is.


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