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Originally Posted by john kaminski View Post
Unless the expansion tank is empty you should be able to add antifreeze to the expansion tank. Don't add it to the radiator when just topping up.
What? How would you add coolant to the radiator via the radiator in the first place? E36 radiators do not have caps to fill with - only the expansion tank does. Also, it doesn't make a difference if the expansion tank is empty or not. How do you think people fill their cooling systems with coolant after they've replaced everything during a comprehensive overhaul? Hint: they just install everything and pour coolant into the empty expansion tank, which then fills the radiator, etc.

Regardless, you can add coolant with the engine on or off, but I certainly recommend doing it with the engine off and cool so you don't risk burning yourself with hot coolant and/or steam. If you're getting air in your system, it is not due to adding coolant to the expansion tank with the engine off. You must have other issues, which I'm presuming is why you have to add coolant to your car in the first place.

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