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Originally Posted by stuartjohn24 View Post
Nice work! How long did it take you in total?

I got in the car on Sunday morning, got the 'Low Coolant Level' warning on the dash, checked the reservoir and it was dry!

Ive never had to top off the coolant in the 20 months ive owned it, (although I did replace the thermostat and refill the coolant 8 months ago). I checked the coolant literally 5 days ago because I could smell coolant when walking past the front of the car after driving and parking up. Level looked fine just between the MIN and MAX level.

I managed to have a look at the weep hole and it looks dry, with no sign of previous leakage (water marks etc...).

I cant see any leakage anywhere else, the under tray is dry.

Either I have a slow leak somewhere so its evaporating before it drips or perhaps the head gasket is leaking?

It took around a pint and a half to bring it back up to the MIN mark.

How much water were you losing? could it be evaporating in the void behind the weep hole and i wont see it overflowing until it gets worse?

Im stripping the engine to the block after xmas and have already bought the OEM pipe just in case! I will have the timing chain covers off anyway so will change it as a matter of course.


I started at 10am and finished around about 8-9pm including the runs to screwfix and halfords to pick up the reciprocating saw and T connector and lunch, tea and *** breaks lol, so in total about 9 hours.

I had very obvious leaking through the weep hole as when it would poyr down the bottom you could see it coming from the weep hole on the water pump.

Now its bone dry, but did get a shock of my life when I woke up today and turned the car on and it said coolant low first thing that popped into my mind was head gasket lol.... then I remembered I didnt properly top her up after I put i changed the coolant pipe and didnt really run her in properly for the coolant to ciculate the system for me to top her up with the final drops.

Even then I checked for bubbles in my expansion tank, milky substance on the oil, white smoke from exhaust and lastly my car never over heated on me once. (Touch wood it dont start happening now)

So far so good, also changed my emmissions pipe which was broken off the drivers side valve, now I dont get the rough idle during the morning which I used to get as well as the emmssions fault code.

Also with your car I would check the hoses, my hose from the water pump to the radiator to the alternator was completely dissintigrated on the T connection which in turn was leaking, once I was fixing that I realised I had coolant leaking from next to the water pump but it was ok until it literally started pouring heavily from the hole.

The n62 is a beautiful V8 but its a shame with beauty comes the beast of all headaches to maintain the V8.

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