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well, i paid less than that for mine, when i got it, but i also worked on cars for 15 years as well....

anyway, to the op, if you purchased the car in this condition and then put all of these parts into it, without any sort of diagnostic proceedure other than guessing, then i really don't know what else to say.

however, without specs, there is little to know way i could even come close to giving you any sort of diagnostics on this.

throwing parts at it apparently has not worked.

so, backup and punt.

we'll start with the following...

what were the emissions readings?? what are the specs??

what were the readings at the second test??

was the cat an oe unit, or generic replacement??

iridium plugs pretty much are a waste in a daily driver.

do you have a vacuum guage?? what does the guage read @ idle??

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