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Originally Posted by dkotanto View Post
Do you really think that BMW wants to build a perfectly reliable car? I don't think so and I strongly believe it is all relevant to their business execution plan or a business model if you will. If they did, they would loose would kill the dealer service business (much more profitable than sales) putting many dealers out of business. Less dealers equate to less sales which mens less warranty contracts, CPO programs, etc. I think most failures are carefully planned on purpose, including the oil leaks, trunk electronics getting ruinned by clogged sunroof drains, etc. It is all about maximizing profits during the life cycle of their product and not just the initial sale.
I agree with you that it is their business model. I don't begrudge them for making a profit. I love to see them win, because they put more into the cars, much of what we don't ever see or touch. What I hate is getting raped at a dealer because they designed the car to take 7.5 hours of labor to replace the starter or cheap plastic tubing and biodegradable rubber sealing material.

The 4yr/50K miles $0.00 cost maint campaign has been a huge marketing and business success for them. They clearly don't care about the cars after that warranty period. Even with my previous e39 under a CPO with extended maint, the dealer service dept balked about fixing stuff. I even showed them stuff they broke but didn't replace when they broke it. By the time these cars are out of warranty, they are right back at the dealer service in the secondary ownership market.

Don't get me wrong, I love the car. I hate the headaches and a thin wallet of owning one out of warranty. Mostly the infuriatingly simple things that servicing them has become so complicated due to the superior engineering. It is almost as if they have us all hood-winked into believing that we really don't understand the auto business or the cars. If my wife's Chrysler (Mitsubishi engine) minivan can make it for 6+ years and not leak fluids all over the place, and with one third the maint cost I might add, then there is no reason why they cannot be as equally good as Chrysler in their mechanical design. I will add that changing an evaporator core in a cab forward car design is a real pain in the .

We have allowed them to have a monopoly on servicing the cars as well. The whole business model wreaks of monopolistic behavior. Should they be allowed to offer a 4yr/50K mile $0.00 maint cost warranty? Should the burden of your mistreatment of the car be subsidized by everyone else? If you had skin in the game, then you would take care of the car, if you gave a rats about keeping it. What could be greener than doubling or tripling the useful life of a BMW car. That is the kind of green environment and green wallet I am striving for.

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