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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
Very un-Bimmer driver like, a total lack of precision, more like how an old Cimmaron driver would have parked At least the K-Mart parking lot is a bit upgrade from the Wal-Mart parking lot. BJ will still find single moms with kids in tow, and the moms will look a tad more attractive.
Originally Posted by Jamesonsviggen View Post
MY eyes work just fine, since I am able to see that BJ is well within his's the car to his right that is close to the lines. Also note, it's the perspective that distorts how close he is to the car on the right.
Originally Posted by beden1 View Post
No, he's too close to the car to the right which is parked on the line. BJ needs to spend more time scoping out suitable safe parking spots or risk having his car impounded by the BMW Stadtpolizei.
Having just completed Season 1 of "Heroes" with my son I need to help you all better understand the parking situation this morning. I leave you with this clue:

"Save the Cimmaron, save the world."

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