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'07 X3 Ticking is back AGAIN!

I purchased my '07 X3 with 32,000 miles in 2/2010 it was a CPO but was still covered under the original warranty at the time of purchase.

On 11/18/2011 I took the X3 to the dealer complaining of the dreaded ticking noise. Twelve hydraulic valve pushrods (11-33-7-605-330) were replaced under warranty and the ticking went away for a while.

On 10/17/2012 I once again took the X3 to the dealer complaining of the same ticking noise. This time 12 Roller Drag Levers (11-33-7-631-589) were placed under the CPO warranty and I paid my $50 deductible. I was determined to get this issue resolved once and for all due to my CPO expiring on 11/21/2012.

Tonight, nearly 1 month since I got my "fixed" X3 back...the ticking noise reappeared. I immediately called the dealer since my CPO is going to expire in 2 days.

I posted this issue right before the last repair on 10/17/2012. A few people mentioned that this ticking sound did not go away once and for all until after the Cylinder Head was replaced. This replacement seemed to be the solution to this problem for a few.

I am beside myself that this ticking has reappeared and feel the pressure of this expiring CPO. Does anyone have any advice as to who I should chat with regarding a real fix? Should it be my SA, the service manager or who is the one that can help me here? I understand this isn't an engine/performance issue but it is rather irritating and quite embarrassing. This is my 1st BMW and although I love my SAV, I must say I am not impressed right now. I had old cars when I 1st started out that were pieces of junk...they didn't even make this ticking sound.

The part that makes me the most angry is BMW knows about this issue and has made changes since in producing their X3's as a result. My SA tries to make me feel as if I am the only one that has complained, even though I told him I have read the boards and know this is a real issue with a lot of people and that I know about all the TSB's. My SA also reassured me that the last "fix" would be the last fix.

What is my next step? Please help!
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