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Mein Auto: Z4 3.0i Roadster
Originally Posted by Kamdog View Post
Compare your 3 to the Mazda, are those feature, the seating of 5 and the seat covers, etc., the only difference that is apparent to you? If so, get her a Miata.
Lets break down what everyone is saying here. If you cannot tell the difference between a Miata and the E89 Z4 then you do deserve a little embarrasment. None of the people on this forum will ever be impartial to other brands because we expect and demand quality engineering. Let take some facts.

The Miata is fine for what it is, but it is not a Z4. They are two toally different animals. In order to get a Miata to do the same things as a Z4 at the speeds that you can get out of a Zed you have to spend almost the same amount of money upgrading your suspension, tires, brakes, engine, tranny just to name a few. If you want a track car I say go for it. but if you want a REAL track car then buy the Zed4.

Take corning for instance, in my brother in laws miata, yes he does have one I can post a pic of it if you want, I get wheel slip on sharp corners. The car is very loose on entrance and on exit of most corners at higher speeds but the Zed is surefooted and has a much tighter feel in the corner. The Zed will likely push in the corner instead of be loose like the miata.

As far as engine is concerned I am not going to even go there... there is no competition stock vs stock.

Braking well the miata hs the Zed there. It is much lighter.

then there is the overall appearance of the vehicle. The Z4 is simply much better looking.

so as I see it the score is

Zed wins in cornering, power, and appearance while the miata wins in braking.

Now as far as what you are asking for on a Z4 site, you are asking for a tall order which is to get an unbiased opinion about a vehicle like the Z4 vs the miata. if you dont like the opinions here then well i know there are miata sites for you to attend.

We are simply happy owners of Z4s. I hope the best for you.
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