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Originally Posted by fcsteve View Post
if you used any kind of pry-bar on the small grills you are trying to pull off, you would severly damage them and the enclosure they are in. grab a flathead from a eye glasses repair kit. stick it inbetween 1 of the million holes in the grills and pill up (don't forget about rule #1).

like i said before .. the grills are not fastened on by ANYTHING. they are literally just held in by a very thin and easily torn rubber piece. they are pushed in by hand. they are not welded on by a skilled craftsman or held in there by anything. i've removed ones that were "stuck" and "hard" (using the word hard VERY loosely) to get out. they still come out without issues.
HAH! Is this how you do it??

I was stuck on thinking the whole body popped up. I haven't done a lot of work on speakers, and what I've done was more crude than these. I figured it would be easy, once you knew where to apply pressure. It was actually the bolded part above that gave me a clue as I knew there was no way one could pull on that screen business anywhere near as hard as I was working that little prybar on the metal frame. Come to think of it, pop-off covers of that size would probably be plastic. What was needed was something like this:

The screen mesh looking cover is mounted to a frame approx. 1/4 inch thick which nestles into a recess on top of the metal box, about 5 x 8 and one inch high, that houses the speakers. The metal box is firmly mounted to the shelf and does not pop off. The mesh cover frame can be prised up with a screw driver or better yet, hard wood or plastic wedges.

I'm telling you, I should get paid to write this stuff.

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