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Originally Posted by ND40oz View Post
It gets great mileage as well, it just depends on how you drive it. We had been getting 18 mpg just driving it around town, but then drove it to the east coast last week and depending on what I kept the speeds at, I got anywhere from 20-27 mpg over 1700 miles of highway time. Fuel economy starts to drop over 75 mph, but when you're stuck at 65 mph through Ohio wanting to stab your eyes out, mpg are great. I'll take low 20s at 85-90 mph across Kansas though, decent trade off for making good time.
Posting from a different planet huh?
The OP was saying that he was only getting 12.9 MPG in driving HIS X5 and asking if there was a problem.

You posted that you are getting 18MPG so it almost looks like you are driving two different vehicles so not really applicable to the OP, right? Are you trying to indicate that he should be able to get 18MPG rather than 12.9 in his X5 for some reason? You also didn't post HOW you got that type of mileage (average MPH, length of trips, type of traffic, etc... no details what so ever).

I guess your claims of exceptional highway mileage may help bump your ego but not certain how any of that changes the OP's condition or that it has ANY relevance for this thread what-so-ever.

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