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Everyone's got their own style, their own taste. Sure, rust and double lips aren't for everyone, but in my opinion, car enthusiasts should be able to recognize and appreciate the amount of work and attention to detail that went into something like this.

Maybe you would spend just as much time prepping the car for a flawless paint job or shoving a turbo setup in the car, so why unnecessarily bash on him so much? I strongly disagree that there is a line to creativity, and I'm glad the whole world doesn't think like you, to be honest. If there was, where would "movements" like stance or raise trucks. Where would tech startup companies spring from if no one pushed the envelope?

If someone told you 20, 30 years ago, lets slam the hell outta my car and daily it. Lets make the rear tire sit perfectly flush with the fender and lets stretch the tire so much, it usually breaks the bead. Would you have the same response as you did to this car? Maybe.. Most likely. Does it help anyone? No. Are you going to suddenly change his mind to take the car back to absolute stock? Not a chance in hell. It's his style, his preference. If you don't have any constructive criticism, just don't post and gawk silently from behind your computer.

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