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Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
I think this is key.

I don't respect many different things people do to their cars when they're both tasteless and copy-cat. I get tired of the argument that every mod deserves respect. If I don't like stretch and poke, I don't have to respect it because it's been done a million times and you're just copying it with off the shelf parts.

But something like this guy, obviously a ton of work went into it, a lot of creativity and different thoughts, even the custom wheels are very unique. While I wouldn't want something like this for my car, the creativity and work that went into it gets mad props from me and it definitely earns respect.

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I think I came across wrong-- that was my fault for not wording more carefully. I was mainly "ribbing" the guy like a friend would. Taste might not be mine, but I certainly respect the effort, vision, and time. I'd give any of my friends a hard time on something, and they would me. I was just applying the same kind of good-natured bashing online-- and it did not come across right.

My apologies-- I don't want anyone to think I seriously meant there is a "line" or that mod censorship should be real--

In all sincerity-- my bashing was more of a compliment than anything-- even though it's not my taste. Hope that makes sense.
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