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Originally Posted by drivinfaster View Post
the 215-60-15 will be a wee bit taller, but not much. your best bet would be to see what the tire shop says. 225-50-16 is also an oe tire size as well, and 16" wheels are fairly cheap.

as for the tires themselves, there are multiple options. i say get the one that best fits your driving needs. you don't 'need' to go with say a speed rated tire if you don't go close to 100mph, for instance, and super sticky tires that may last 25k miles may be little overkill.

either way, i always like to get roadhazard insurance on them.

What do you think of these?

I don't now the offset, but I am certain that some of you old pros will know. They look to be in great shape and for a little bit more than the cost of four new tires I would get 16" rims that are in much better shape than the 15" I have now.

If you guys say they will bolt on and fit without issues then I will make an offer on them.

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