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I'm seriously gonna try to help, but I have problems with assumptions.

1. what is turned on (no jokes please)
2. what is throwing air

I don't know if you have a blower motor problem, or a coolant bleeding problem, so I'm going to suggest the following:

1. Put car in park, ign in position 2.

2. Actuate blower control from lowest to highest fan setting- do you hear or feel ANYTHING? Is it moving air? Is the HVAC blower working? IF not, fuse, resistor etc.

3. I don't know what year your car is (not in profile), so I cant give you advice on the panel control, or whether potentially it's just a resistor, or a fuse. Fuses generally blow for a reason, so don't get too excited if there's one blown.

4. OP referenced where the fuses are-- near firewall driver's side under plastic cover. Table is there-- if yours is gone, reply and I'll bust out my Bentley manual-- not going outside, it's cold. Regardless, a good visual check will reveal if fuses are obviously blown-- but that will not take into account hidden corrosion (which I have seen personally prevent a circuit from closing). As a course of habit, I will remove the fuse, test it, or replace with a known-good fuse after verifying contacts (above AND below) are clean of any corrosion.

5. report back

But, my money's on the FSU
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