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Are you looking to downgrade to something more affordable? Hence the F10 or 740?

Honestly the Panamera looks lovely, but just a horrible value new. Too high a "Porsche tax". I'd go the route one owner on here did and go CPO, the depreciation should cancel out the tax, and put it more in line with its competitors.

As much as I distain Lexus, the new LS looks great in person. They've done some meaningful cosmetic changes that make it look more in line to battle the German luxo-barges.

About 85%+ of my driving is highway, so range is important to me. ~520mi per tank currently isn't bad. I'm keeping an eye on the new Audi A8 diesel, if it can get well into the 7-800 mile range it'll be on my short list when my lease is up.

I'd avoid the S Class, it's on the cusp of being completely redesigned.
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