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Originally Posted by Shigeta View Post
I'm not an expert, but I'm 110% sure Karl's post isn't an opinion, but rather fact.

clone***8194; ***8194;[klohn] Show IPA noun, verb, cloned, clon·ing.
Biology .
a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived.

A e46 front bumper doesn't make it an m3 clone.. In fact, you're right, it's not just an e36, but rather the victim of poor-fitting aftermarket parts.

M3 or not, every 3 series in this timeframe is an e36, so I'm not sure how you mean it's not an e36?

Counts +1 Great work on that front end pic the way you put your sig in the trim was pretty sick great job man keep posting pics of your work
Lots of junk.
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