Thread: Z4 Roadster (E85) Auxiliary input adapter?
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You are incorrect.

ALL E85 and E86 models have the same basic functionality but in 2006 they (BMW) added a little more functionality.

The Head Unit has TWO 12pin connectors on the back for input. CB891-B (on left as seen from rear of head unit) is normally the port for the CD changer and CB891-C is the TV/AV/Aux input. You can have both the changer and the Aux operational at the same timeÖ No fakery involved here, but they are pinned a little differently from each other. These are the Alpine connector numbers.

The BMW numbers are this

CD Changer: X13321 (natural color)
Aux: X13598 (grey color)

In 2006 BMW added three more pins on the X13598 connector. Pins 3,4 and 10 were added.

This is how my wifeís Roadster is wired. My ///M just has the Aux input (no changer) so one of the sockets is empty. I know, I checked a long time ago.

BMW also have two different cables. One is the iPod cable which I think you have. The other is the Aux cable which is just an audio cable.

I donít have the iPod cable so I cannot really know how that works, but from what I understand is that it allows the head unit to communicate to your iPod/iPhone and control six preset playlists specifically named in your device????

I would be willing to bet, but donít really know, is that the dedicated iPod cable connects to CB891-C. I base this on what signals are actually on the pins. You have to disregard WHAT the signal names are and look at what they are trying to do.

Head unit:

All the data you need:

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