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I Once again drove the X3 45 minutes to the dealer this morning and my SA was waiting for me with a women that appeared to be a BMW rep of some sort as she didn't seem like an employee of the dealership. My SA mentioned that he came in to work 30 minutes early so that he would be ready for my appt. The women and my SA were both overly attentive to me and were complimenting me on my shoes and jacket. Very strange I thought and I felt like they trying to be overly nice on purpose as it felt really fake and just strange. My SA also started talking to me about tire replacement, etc at this time. All was just too strange...just fix my ticking problem! I feel like they are looking for an issue or are going to make up one to get $$ out of me. Has anyone witnessed this strange behavior that I witnessed today?

SA said they would keep the car overnight and do a cold start when they returned from the holiday. The car doesn't always make the ticking noise after a cold start since the Lever replacement last month so I made the SA aware of that. I didn't ask who lady was when I was with my SA in his office but I am sort of angry that I didn't.

When I pulled my loaner out of the BMW service garage I noticed in my rear view mirror at least 4 people going to look at my X3 already.

I have written up a timeline of service on this issue and will continue to add to it. I will submit to the General Manager of my dealership and possibly BMW after this visit.

I hope all goes well this time and the issue is solved once and for all.
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