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Originally Posted by TUF-FKR View Post
Here are a couple of pics. The first one is the headlight with the flange removed with the dremel and now I am cutting the rubber to remove the lens. "Apomerans" drew a good diagram of what it is like and he labels them Cut #1, Cut #2. You cannot complete this task with cutting #2 only. I did not realize this with the first headlight I did and I had to then go back and cut all the way around again with his Cut #1. The second headlight I skipped cut #2, and went right to his cut #1 angle (still follow me?). I had better results cutting #2 first, then going back and cutting #1 (all still referencing Apomerans diagram drawing).

The problem with going right to cut #1 is you are cutting blind and can go too deep into the inner housing (making a hole into the headlight). I made a small error, this but was able to re-seal when I RTVed the lights back together.

The first pic shows the rubber is UNDER the lens that has to be cut out. All in All, it was SO worth it to me. The front end of the car looks so much cleaner and new. If you have angle eyes it makes them ALOT brighter!!! I do NOT regret this mod at all. The good news is, if you have to re-do it again, you only have to cut the RTV, no more dremeling next time...
Good job Glad to see other people successfully doing this to their cars. Hope my pics and description helped out.
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