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Originally Posted by desertpilot View Post
Anybody move up from a Miata to an E89?

My wife currently has an 03 Miata softtop that she loves, but might be feeling a little jealousy over the F30 335 that we recently got on ED.

Just for giggles, I was poking around on the internets for Z4s and it looks like a 2009-2010 E89 is obtainable in the low 30k range. But the flip side here is that I could buy her a brand new Miata power hardtop for the same amount. She's not really a "car" person that much so I'm not sure how much more she would truly appreciate it.

So anyhow, I'm coming here for the passion on the Z4 side. Is there a good case to go for the E89 in her situation? I'm a complete Z4 newbie, so aside from knowing the Z4 has much greater power, I have no idea how they really compare (handling, comfort, interior noise, anything else).

What do you guys think?
I would be feeling a little jealous too.

We had a Miata ages ago, mid 90's and sold it after only a few years (too small for my wife's primary/only car). Anyway, that car and another we test drove in 2002, was prettty skittish at highway speeds on our rutted freeways here in Washington state. At that time we purchased a used Z3 and the differences were amazing. Being heavier the Z was much more plated on the highway and more stable in the corners at typical street speeds.

We recently purchased an '09 E89. We ended up getting a 35i as we like the extra power and the sound better. and yes, the heated steering wheel is great. At the time we also drove a 2000 M roadster (Z3). In comparison the M is a much more raw roadster experience. Sorry, can't compare to the latest Miatas.

In summary, the Z4 handling is very good, just not quite as nimble as the lighter roadsters. It is more comfortable and night and day quieter. So it really comes down to what your wife prefers in a car.

Go test drive some cars and you should experience many of the differences that have been stated in this thread.
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