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Originally Posted by Jortiz96 View Post
... I have a 96 1.9l and im just looking for an exhaust that will give me a more appealing sound than the stock one. I have not been able to find many videos online so i decided to come here to look for some help. Do you guys have any recommendations?
For my 1997 Z3 1.9L I looked around and liked the clips and the look of the Supersprint. I found a New Old Stock one on eBay for $650. The Italian certificates dated to Oct 1967.
The attraction was that it was bolt on. Current Supersprints are cheaper but apparently come with a separate front connector pipe carrying the flange, that must be welded onto the end of the muffler's pipe.

I am pleased and fascinated by the Supersprint's complex and varied sound. There is a rasp when started and blipped, and when releasing the clutch on take off. Underway there is a hoarse, windy, muted mutter, not very audible except under heavy throttle and when going under a bridge etc. I have had aftermarket mufflers on two BMWs and a Rabbit and a Scion, and this is the best one yet. The sound is perfect.

A shop installed it, and the muffler did not hang centered in the bumper opening -- it touched the right side. I took off the two rubber muffler hangers and the muffler did not shift. So I cut up an extra rubber hanger to make a rubber spacer washer which I installed on the inside of the right rear rubber hanger, and that pushed the muffler to the right, centering it perfectly.
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