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Originally Posted by otonimus View Post
Ok so I have a seagate 1TB portable hard drive that I want to plug into the armrest port and just leave it there.

I want to run strictly WAV files for optimal sound quality.

So I ripped two flac file albums to wav files on the hard drive... annnnndddd...

One album works just fine in the car, the other doesn't read at all.

BOTH read just fine if I plug the hard drive back into my computer and run out of Foobar2000

Wav files are 32 bit ripped from Foobar 2000.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

You do realize, I hope, that you are just wasting space transcoding FLAC to WAV. FLAC (and ALAC) are LOSSLESS formats, unlike MP3 and (regular) AAC, which throw away data you "cannot hear." FLAC and ALAC simply compress a WAV file -- they are the audio equivalent of a ZIP file for non-audio data.

But before you go all postal asserting the fact that WAV is "better," you said you started with FLAC. One thing is indisputable: if something had been "lost" something in the transcoding of the original audio to a FLAC file, transcoding it back to WAV won't recover it. IOW, if you hate the way your FLAC files sound, they won' get better being transcoded back to WAV. They'll just get bigger.

So, now that other posters have hopefully convinced you to go to a flash instead of mechanical drive, why not leave the files in FLAC format and save space on that flash drive so you can store more music to play in the car

I use an iPhone, so I mostly rip/transcode to ALAC and play my library back through an iPhone with the enhanced USB on the HK (optional) system in my F30.

The sound is, in a word, awesome.
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