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83 320i help with thermostat ?

Hello To 1st off as you guys are great on here.
I am back on here have a question need some advice and help with. I changed my thermostat because I did not feel the bottom hose warm/hot when the car was warmed up. My car has a lot of new parts and everything is fine on the car and running okay but still 1 problem the bottom hose does/will not get hot/warm even after I drive the car hard. I am at a loss here the only 3things I can think of that might make this happen are.... 1 maybe I did not mix the coolant correctly (I put 50/50 pre mix in) 2 there might be a air pocket somewhere in 1 of the hoses or 3 perhaps my alternator belt is not tight enough it seems okay to me though perhaps it might be a little loose. I am at a loss here and need your help on what to do/check next. For clarification purposes let me narrow down what is not the problem.....
installed 2 new thermostats so that is not the problem (2 so I knew the 1st was not faulty) new radiator, hoses, coolant.
Some more info the car does not overheat, the heat is fine. The only thing to add is sometimes the temp gauge will go a little over 1/2 mark but then it comes back down.
So again no problems with car other then the bottom radiator hose will not get hot/warm to the touch after car has been driven for some time. Could this be because its not hot enough outside? The temp now is around 50-60f outdoors in the daytime. Please advise me if any of you have had this problem and what you think it could be caused by thanks again.
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