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Originally Posted by filmoreslim View Post
If frozen means matte like you are beginning to see as a trend on Audis, you can go see it for yourself and have the tour guide who was the head of purchasing/procurement for 31 years at Dingolfing point out the the cars right in front of your very eyes in the paint shop that have skipped the clear coat. So if we are talking about the same paint scheme, I did not read it in a thread somewhere but saw it first hand during production and was told not to ever consider ordering it for the stated reasons.

Think there's conflicting info about the "frozen" (matted) paint. If it helps... Returned from european delivery on Saturday. Took the tour of the 3-series factory in Munich. After the paint shop, they took us into a room to show hoods in the various stages of painting, including the last (clear coat).

I asked our guide this VERY question. Right or wrong, his answer was as follows:

My Question: When you see the frozen/matted paint jobs on some cars, does that mean they skip the clear coat stage, and is less protected.

His Answer: No. There is a clear coat on those cars as well, but is is different than the normal one. It does not have silica which produces the shine (i think this was the compound he mentioned), but otherwise a clear coat is applied.

Not sure who is right tho about the process/protection here.

btw: I saw quite a bit of these on the road throughout Germany.
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