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Originally Posted by Pinecone View Post
AFAIK BMW doesn't make a 15W-40 synthetic... The oil caps of the older cars say 15W-40, but that was a conventional oil...
I see that is so.

High Power 07 51 0 017 868 is what appears on the dealer invoice for my oil change. That would be:
"Motor oil High Power SAE 15W-40
Part number: 07 51 0 017 868"
http://bmwfans***91;/img] ******** LINK B...g/07510017868/

Anyway, I just googled High Power 07 51 0 017 868 to see page.

And I do see from a bulletin that it is mineral oil, not synthetic:
"... SAE 5W30 BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil is formulated with
advanced additive technology to meet BMW specifications required in line with our
extended service intervals. As such this is the only oil to be used in conjunction with
the BMW reimbursed maintenance program.
07 51 0 017 866 5W30 Synthetic
07 51 0 017 868 15W40 Mineral..."
BMW NA Bulletin 11 01 01 dated 03/01

My 1997 1.9L oil cap does not say anything. The Owners Manual does say 15W-40 above 15F, and does not mention synthetic.

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