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Update on Engine Stalling

Contacted the dealer as recommended. They are in Houston, TX so working this out remotely.

As I mentioned before, the car check engine light a came on, P028, which I am told relates to the thermostat. Anyone have this code that can lend some insight?

I had both of the fuel filters replaced and the fuel pump replaced. I did this as a precaution and to help isolate to whether the problem is the HPFP. $1K spent on this service alone and the diagnostics:
-Diagnosis of check engine light
-BMW fuel filter
-BMW inline fuel filter
-BMW fuel pump.

Drive home from the service, cars tries to stall. I am presuming that this isolates to the HPFP's.

As with my previous posts, we are all here for advice and recommendations to our wonderful BMW driving experience. Please focus on assistance for the issue presented and not the costs even though it is excessive.

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