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Originally Posted by DZLMAN View Post
Over the past 16 years [converted to diesel powered vehicles] I have tried all brands, regular and enhanced diesel. Up here in and around Toronto area, we used to have Sunoco's Gold Diesel that I found gave a bit more mileage and smoother/quiter operation. Sunoco merged with Petro Canada and discontinued the Gold Diesel product. Back then before ULSD, enhanced diesel did make a difference because regular diesel was less refined. Post ULSD its not the same. Shell V-Power is a good product along with Husky's Diesel Max, I prefer Husky's because diesel sale volume is much higher at husky stations since they cater more to trucking companies etc. Due to high volume its normally cheaper than shell and relatively fresher. Down south I found Chevron to be better than most.
I miss the Gold Diesel, I am on my first tank of V-Power. I'll try this for a while and then maybe try Husky after.
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