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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
Tune'll give you more power, but magnify suspension deficiencies.

If you're looking for a cosmetic redo, maybe I'm not the guy to talk to. FSD's solve the egregious 'pothole explosion' issue afflicting pre-2011 E9x - you'll like that.

LSD puts power to the road in a way that can be felt @ 5 mph, and greatly assists handling.

The rear end of these cars is distant. I'm tellin' ya, money spent on suspension work will flat put a smile on your face, but ain't cheap. Read about M parts, especially sways and rear subframe bushings - here's a good place. Sooner or later, you'll want this stuff.

Suspension mods also enable existing power to be put down efficiently - you may find you don't want a tune if the suspension's fixed, as tunes can make the car somewhat edgy.

Good thing is, extensive mods available, whatever direction you go.
Right on. I am starting to rethink what I spend the cash on. An LSD is tempting as power put down to the ground is more important than what you get on a dyno. And I definitely don't want to compromise the everyday drivability by making it "edgy" as you said. I truly appreciate your input.

Would a possible jb4 make the car any less comfortable to just cruise down the street in on a long drive where comfort is priority? Because let's be honest, that sort of power at that very low cost is extremely tempting. What are the downsides of jb4?
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