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Originally Posted by SD Z4MR View Post
Notice that he edited his post. He probably said something, posted it, then changed his mind, and edited the original comment because you can't delete a post on Bimmerfest.

Been around forums much?

My opinions:

$2K ain't gonna go far. There are plenty of exhaust systems around, including the BMW performance exhaust, but they will easily chew most if not all and more of that $2K.

New wheels and tires? Also not cheap. Don't buy cheap wheels and a decent set (check out Apex Racing Parts, a sponsor here) and decent tires will also eat up that $2k and more.

These are the two mods that sound like they're most likely what you want based on your original post, but do both of them and you looking at more like $3-5K.

The cheapest "tasteful" mod? Less than a hundred bucks for matte black grilles. That and a few bucks at Home Depot for a can of Plasti-Dip to black out your the 335i badge on your trunk.
Oh I see it says edited on the bottom there.

Anyway, if you read the original post then you'd see I do not want a full exhaust. Therefore a set of mufflers will not cost 2k.
Additionally, just because wheels are not expensive doesnt mean they are not useable. Bremmer Kraft wheels from have gotten good reviews. Though they are not lightweight.

From the research I've done it seems that a jb4 and koni fsd are where a bulk of my money will go.

As far as blacking the kidneys and the 335, I am planning on doing that. Also planning on getting black and white roundels. Found a set of 7 for 20 bucks on the above posted website that had the tail lights for cheap, if anyone else is interested.
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