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Transmission light came on, wouldn't go in high gear, then was fine...

My brother was driving the X3 (2007, 150,000 kilometers) and the transmission light came on. It started downshifting really hard then wouldn't shift into high gear on the highway. He pulled over to see if he could see anything wrong, popped the hood, etc. Got back in and put it back in drive and it wouldn't move forward. It would go in reverse, but wouldn't drive forward. It just revved up like it was in neutral.

He turned it off and called me asking for some advice (I had nothing !). He then tried starting it again, tranny light turned off, went into drive fine and had no other problems. Got into high gear on the highway.

Any idea what may have caused this hiccup? I looked up resetting the learning algorithm so we'll do that. Anything else? Wondering if this was a symptom of a bigger problem.

Thanks for your responses!
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