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Consumer Reports

One other thing, Kantuckid...I was not aware that you knew me well enough to decide whether I am or am not a "car person," or whatever. The fact of the matter is that I consider myself to be one, though, given our long relationship based upon one posting, you somehow feel qualified to assess that part of me. Rest assured that I will give your opinion the weight it deserves, though you of course have the right to your analysis of my persona, hobbies, etc., inasmuch as you are no doubt highly trained in such.

It occurs to me that right is right, regardless of what is involved, its cost and/or where it may have been manufactured. You see, KK, there is excellence in terms of customer service (think Nordstrom, Zappos, etc.), and then there is everything else, as in an attitude of, "It's good enough," or, "We have your money, so you can just go pound sand."

To me, however, "good enough" never, ever is...but that's just my opinion, and as you have declared me to be a non-car person, my view on a given matter can be summarily disregarded.

But just think about what my feelings would now be if BMW had said, in effect, "We can see that you've purchased 4 new BMWs within the past 4 years and have them serviced at our dealers (I told them so when I called BMW NA and politely and calmly addressed the problem), so that as an exception, we are sending you a voucher for the iPod connector (or a credit toward parts or service in that amount). We hope that you will continue to enjoy your BMWs, and we look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship."

So...the equation is, as you put it, a part that would have cost BMW $10 as opposed to an action leading to a disgruntled client, who has held up his part of the bargain by being brand loyal.

Which makes more sense from a business standpoint? I have now written a post that will convey my disappointment to thousands, and if just one single reader decides to go with Mercedes or Audi or Lexus (don't be inane by talking about Lexus vs. get my point), that will cost BMW thousands in profit, as opposed to a cost of $10.

Do the proverbial "math."

So...given the above, do you really think that my issue is my being "too, invested (and, by the way, it's "too" not "to" and it's "you're" not "your") in an iPod connector"?

However, in the spirit of bonhomie (you can look it up), I hope your holiday was a good one.


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