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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
What I read is, MB and Lexus are getting stiffer too. Since you refuse to move to 5 or 7, out of your financial wisdom, I can only guess the 3 series will continue to tailor to your needs and become softer as your body gracefully age.

BMW knows what it's doing. The F30 is bigger, wider, longer, and softer because that's precisely what their market research told them their customers want. The whole company rides on the success of the 3 Series, not like some 50 year old Germans got together and designed the thing on a whim.

For answers as to what BMW's customers want, look no further than the car itself. Speaks volumes. 6 cylinder low torque, no. 4 cylinder high torque, okay. Firm suspension, no. iDrive LCD screens, yes. MT XDrive, no. Smaller cabin tighter handling, no. Larger cabin easier handling, yes.


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