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Originally Posted by PZimniewicz View Post

2) Oddly enough, quite a bit ago where my cigarette lighter is broke and there has been a gap there. I often overflow change in the ashtray. There is for sure loose change down in the hole behind the lighter. Is it possible/probably that the issue is related to that chaneg being in there or floating around? I don't know if there is something electronic that could interfere with, or if it physically could get in way of a shift lock pin or something? Is it worth trying to deconstruct console to check? Could I attach a magnet to something to pull out change? If I did, would it screw some electronic up or something?

By the way, the warning occurs every single time regardless of cold or hot start and never goes away.


Paul, if the warning occurs every single time regardless of cold or hot, then your solenoid is damaged or disconnected due to coins. Follow the steps I provided along with the picture for the solenoid 4E87 and get rid of all the coins to start with. At this point, maybe by fixing the connector to this solenoid your problem will be fixed. But if the connector is okay, then your solenoid needs to be checked should have 20 Ohms resistance. Good luck, but IMHO it sounds like coins are the root cause, but is the damage simple or big will depend on the condition of the solenoid.
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