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Originally Posted by KU Ned
The majority of the board members I am sure have no opinion on this subject.

I agreed to cooperate. I find it amazing that many that have posted in this thread do not see the other side of their argument. Instead the argument is "I want to watch a race whenever I want and I want to be able to go to this site and set my preferences however I like and everyone else should post in a way I want."

By the way good coaching choice at UCLA, Lavin was a joke. I guess we both get to see how our new coaches will do. I hope Bill Self has as much recruiting success in California as our previous coach (Pierce, Vaughn, Haase, Pollard, Padget, Wilkes, etc)! Go Jayhawks!!!
There are a LOT of other topics in the Motorsports section. We talk about autocrosses, DEs, car setup, cars for sale, upcoming events, and other things.

Just because I don't want to read some thoughtless person spoiling a race result for me, doesn't mean I don't want to check on all the other info here.

Sorry, but there is NO "other side." Either you are thgouthful and carefl of other peoples needs, or you aren't. You can discuss the race all you want, just don't put results in the title. Is that so hard to grasp? It is just beign courteous.

In fact I encourage such info, because at times I am not where I can see the race, so being able to then go into threads and find out what happened is a big help. Not every coutry televises F1 or other racing.
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