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Strange Shifting Behavior

In my X3 I have an anomaly:

Sometimes, when traveling at low speed (10-35 mph) the vehicle seems to "stutter" while shifting from second to third gear. I'm not sure exactly how to explain it but it's almost if the car will shift up and down until I put my foot on the gas to force the gears to shift. While this occurs, the tachometer needle will go up, down, up, down right around the 2000 rpm mark.

This issue seems to happen rarely, perhaps once a week, and as soon as I speed up its fine. Moreover, it seems to happen when driving conservatively; If I drive a bit faster or aggressively I don't have any problem. Heat or cold doesn't seem to be a factor either; this strange behavior will happen on a 30 degree morning just as easily as a 70 degree afternoon. Lastly, other than this weird issue, the transmission and shifting is just fine.

What is everyone's thoughts on the issue? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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